Have you ever driven through a town and asked yourself "why would anyone live here?"

There's been a few towns like Butte Montana and Barstow California where I asked myself those same questions as I passed through them.

Where's The Ugliest Town In Oregon

Over time I've come to respect those that would want to live in towns considered "ugly". I think you can find beauty anywhere.

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One website listed one Oregon town as the "ugliest" and I'm not sure I agree with the list.

Do You Agree With The Ugliest Town In Oregon?

That "ugly" town just happens to be 30 minutes away from Tri-Cities. I'm not if it even really belongs on the list of "ugly" towns.

The website called Travel.Alot.Com bloggers has selected Hermiston Oregon as the "ugliest" city in Oregon.

Wha!? The home of the most amazing watermelons is "ugly"? I'm not sure what these bloggers are saying.

Is Hermiston really the ugliest town in Oregon?

They posted their reasoning on what Hermiston made their list and here's what they had to say:

Don't fret, Hermiston natives! Just because your tiny town is the ugliest in the state of Oregon doesn't mean that it doesn't have redeeming qualities. For instance, the bustling agriculture industry in the town provides plenty of great job opportunities; however, it does come with a price...


This Niche resident shared, "Agriculture is [the] main focus of the area, which can result in some unpleasant smells." Bad smells are not pretty and contribute to driving potential residents away from the town. "I've lived in Hermiston nearly all of my life," another wrote. "There isn't enough housing for the amount of people coming into the area." And another, "Due to the heat in the summer and the cold in the winter, most yards are yellowed, dead grass full of crabgrass."

I'm not sure if I agree with that assessment of Hermiston. It does have a great County fair and seems to be growing and I'm sure those that live there love it.

Travel.Alot.Com picked a Washington "ugly" town and had to settle for Aberdeen so it's nice to see that they left Eastern Washington and the Columbia Basin alone.

You can check out the rest of the towns that have been deemed "ugly" here.

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