I grew up a few hours away from the Tri-Cities and Yakima, my hometown being  Clarkston Washington, right on the border of Idaho and a bridge apart from Lewiston.

I was a young kid when the murders took place but over a four year period, 5 people vanished from the area and crimes where never solved.

There is now a special documentary available on HULU called COLD VALLEY, where they are trying to solve these long forgotten cold cases.

I remember being a kid during that time and being afraid to go to sleep at night because of the stories I'd heard. I was terrified of the Hell's Angels even though I'm sure that infamous biker gang didn't have anything to do with the murders.

The documentary aired last year on Investigation Discovery, The Travel Channel, American Heroes and Destination America channels but now is available on HULU.

The slayings happened between 1979 and 1982 and then ceased.

Investigators believe they have a suspect and the documentary follows the clues and retraces the steps of the victims to discover the truth behind the killings

It's a pretty fascinating story and you'll recognize a lot of the scenery as it was filmed close by.

You can read up more on the documentary here.    


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