I love it when it's good news for a change...15 year old Robby Kershaw who went missing yesterday while hiking with a group at White Pass has been found safe.

Photo From White Pass
Photo From White Pass

The teen was able to hunker down in safe spot over night and was found today (Monday). Rescue crews which included:Yakima Search and Rescue, the White Pass Ski Patrol, Yakima Training Center, USFS and the hundreds of volunteers all came together in a short amount of time to safely rescue the grateful teen. In a statement from White Pass here's what Robby had to say:

Robby also wanted to thank everyone after telling news media, "That was the longest hike I have ever done... and did you know the Seahawks are starting?" We love that kid.

Again, thank you all. Can't wait to see you when the snow flies!

That boy has mad survival skills!!

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