Usher is hooking up with rising singer-songwriter Labrinth for an upcoming track, but he says he really has his eye on another British artist, Grammy queen Adele.

“I think the world deserves an Usher and Adele record. That’s what I think,” he told Capital FM. “That would be the other U.K. connection that I think everybody would be really fond of and enjoy.” It’s hard to imagine what an Usher / Adele duet would sound like, since she doesn’t often perform with other artists. If Adele is interested, she would have to get past the fact that the R&B star has jokingly tried to sabotage her record sales.

MTV reports that Usher said in the same interview that his competitive side doesn’t want to see Adele’s ’21′ overtake his ‘Confessions’ in terms of sales figures. “I have to confess that I have told a few people not to go and buy Adele’s album because I don’t want her to go and break my record,” he admitted.

“No, actually, I love her. Unfortunately, she’s the closest to breaking my record for the last 10 years. So now, guys, don’t go and buy that album right now.” ‘Confessions’ has sold nearly 10 million copies since its release in 2004, while Adele’s latest has now exceeded 8 million.

What do you think, PopCrush readers? Would you want to see Adele work with Usher? What do you think such a collaboration might sound like?

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