USPS Is Asking Washingtonians To "Super Size" Their Mailboxes

How big is your mailbox? The United States Postal Service to do a few things to your existing and current mailbox.

Why Is The USPS Asking Washington State Residents To "Upgrade" Their Boxes?

If you live in Washington State like me, maybe it's time for a mailbox upgrade and the USPS has a few thoughts on that. If you didn't know, the USPS celebrates Mailbox Improvement Week every year in May and they are passing on a few tips.

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My mailbox is one of those regular-size mailboxes and with all the packages we've been getting lately, I'm eyeing one of those new "Jumbo Size" mailboxes that'll make it much easier for my packages to be safe and out of sight from porch pirates.

credit: USPS
credit: USPS

Here's the posting from the USPS website and details and tips on how to replace your mailbox.

The newer mailboxes are wider and taller to accommodate delivery of items you’ve ordered online and reduce the need for notices left and trips to the Post Office to retrieve a package.

Here are some of the typical activities homeowners may need to do include:

  • Replacing loose hinges on a mailbox door.
  • Repainting a mailbox that may have rusted or has started to peel.
  • Remounting a loosened mailbox post.
  • Replacing or adding house numbers.

For information on where to purchase these new Jumbo boxes go to

So if you are like my family here in Washington State, it might be worth upgrading your mailbox to a new "jumbo size" to help manage all those packages from Amazon and hopefully deter those porch pirates that have become such a nuisance.

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