It's been tried before but never passed. But now, the bill's sponsor believes there's enough support to put seat belts on school buses.

Rep. Gina Mosbrucker (GOP) who's from the 14th District (Goldendale WA area) has introduced HB (House Bill 1057) which would require seat belts on school buses.

In the past, the sticking point, say legislators, was finding the funding to help make it happen. But Mosbrucker says the $400 'bus paddle' tickets are not really being enforced. She says it's one of the biggest issues she's been asked about by her constituents when it comes to Education and Safety.

Like many Eastern WA Legislators, Mosbrucker represents a district where thousands of students from rural areas use buses to get to and from school.

It's a big ticket if you try to pass a school bus when the red stop paddle goes out and it's stopped to take on or let off students. But Mosbrucker says much stricter enforcement of that ticket will generate the funding to help make this happen.

She says we're sending mixed signals to our children by demanding they buckle up in our family vehicles, but on school buses, there's nothing even close to that safety enforcement.

The bill is currently awaiting it's turn in the House Education Committee. If it passes, it would head to the House floor for a vote.


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