Stacy and I are engrossed like the rest of the nation with the Netflix documentary "Tiger King". It seems like the film has got everyone talking and now the Walla Walla Sheriff's is jumping in to help out.

*Spoiler Alert* Carole Baskin runs the Big Cat Rescue in Florida and Baskin's 2nd husband Jack "Don" Lewis mysteriously disappeared in September of 1997. Baskin legally declared him dead after five years but the mystery has never been solved. If you watched the Tiger King on Netflix, you are already engrossed in the mystery.

The case has always been an open case but now thanks to the documentary "Tiger King", his disappearance has caught the attention of the nation and law enforcement is actively looking into the case again.

The Walla Walla Sheriff's Department is helping out their police brethren in Florida by sharing a new flyer that has the contact number for anyone who has any information leading to the resolution of the Jack Lewis case. You can check out more details here.

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