Law enforcement is warning vehicle owners to be careful Friday. Aside from Labor Day, New Year's is the No. 1 stealing day of the year.

Why? They aren't sure. Labor Day is because so many people are out and about it's easy to steal an unlocked car, or a vehicle left alone while the owner is traveling or camping. They think New Year's Day is the same. People are away from home, and it's cold so people leave engines running, and they're fast asleep until late in the morning, etc.

You want to hear something crazy? I saw this advice in the Yakima news because, apparently, Yakima has one of the worst rates of car theft in the nation. It was No. 3 in 2008 and police have got it down to 15th worst in the nation! Yakima!

So keep your car locked and if you can, have a buddy look out for it.

Thomas Northcut