Why Washington State Might Be The Worst Place To Own An Electric Vehicle?

You'd think Washington State would be the leader in the electric vehicle (EV) revolution but surprisingly, Washington ranks last in the nation for owning an EV. 

The EV-Friendly Rankings of 2024 Has Washington State Last In The Nation

The reason Washington State ranks last will surprise you.

Despite boasting the third-highest number of registered EVs, it seems that several key factors are holding Washington back from becoming an EV paradise.

The research team at EV Charger Reviews has identified six factors indicating which states favor owning an electric vehicle.

These factors include the number of registered electric vehicles, electricity cost, number of electric vehicles per charging port, tax credits, annual savings, the ratio of a square mile per 1 charging port and electric vehicles per service center.

Tesla EV charging station Kennewick 10th and 395 (Google street view)
Tesla EV charging station Kennewick 10th and 395 (Google street view)

The EV-Friendly Rankings of 2024 paint a stark picture for Washington.

At the top of the list, EV enthusiasts find solace in the likes of Maine, Colorado, Vermont, Oregon, and Connecticut, states that have managed to foster environments where EV ownership is not only viable but advantageous.

The financial calculus of owning an EV should, theoretically, work in the favor of Washington residents.

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Low electricity costs and the promise of saving on gas should make the Evergreen State a haven for electric drivers but one change needs to be made to make Washington State #1 in EV ownership.


An underreported aspect of EV readiness is the balance between the number of EVs and the available support infrastructure.

A high concentration of EVs relative to charging stations or service centers can lead to bottlenecks and service disparities, underscoring the importance of proportional support across the board.

So even though Washington State leads the charge in EV ownership, the one thing that'll have to change for Washingtonians to take the #1 slot is more charging stations for Washingtonians to be completely happy with EV ownership.

If Washington State really wants to be #1 with EV vehicles, it'll have to invest in infrastructure to make it possible.


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