Beware Of This Glue/Tap Scam Around ATM Machines In Washington State

There's a new scam going around ATM machines that you'll want to be aware of so that you don't get taken advantage of especially if you are a Chase Bank customer.

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Things To Know To Not Fall For In The Glue/Tap Scam At Your ATM Machine

Scammers are always looking for ways to part you from your hard-earned money and Chase bank ATM customers have noted several issues with missing money in their accounts.

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In an article from ABC 6, a tap/glue scam was reported at a Northern California Chase Bank where scammers were able to use glue to force customers to use the tap feature and steal money from their accounts.

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Here's how the scam works: scammers put glue into the regular card slot forcing the atm user to tap their card.

By tapping, the transaction window stays open even after the cash comes out. So if a customer walks off without closing the window, a thief can step up and make more withdrawals.


It's the newest way to separate yourself from your money and this scam could happen at any bank.

If you see someone near the atm who seems helpful when your card gets stuck might be the scammer waiting to step up to get your cash.

Chase bank officials are warning customers to always be vigilant of their surroundings and to protect their pins by covering up the keypad when they are accessing their cash.

You can read more details on the newest scam here.

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