New Survey Reveals Washington State's "Most Miserable" Day

I couldn't imagine a bad day in Washington State but a new survey says that there is one day a year Washingtonians think is just "miserable".


Talk About A Bad Day Washington State, This Day Takes The Cake At Worst Day

For me, the winter months are the toughest and especially when we get that one-off winter storm that just won't let up.

I love the fact we get four distinct seasons in Washington State but driving in the snow has never been fun for me. I'm not worried about me, it's the other drivers that scare me.

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A miserable day could mean anything for any number of people but a new survey thinks it's discovered the most miserable day in each state. Oregon's most miserable day is February 1st and Montana's is February 14th.


The data was based on a survey of 3,000 Americans, and average temperature/rainfall 1980-2016. That mean's that Washington's most miserable day of the year might surprise you.

According to the data from, January 1st is considered Washington State's most "miserable" day of the year. Our average temperature is 34 degrees and rainfall at 8' inches making for what seems to be a truly miserable day.

I for one would welcome the rain in the Tri-Cities since our West Coast neighbors tend to get more rain than us eastsiders. Beyond the 3000 people, I'm not sure what criteria was used but you can see the complete survey below.

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