2 Washington Mountain Passes remain closed due to heavy snow and gusty winds.

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Blizzard warnings posted throughout the PNW are advising motorists to be extra cautious on the roadways in higher elevations. As a result of hazardous conditions, both Stevens Pass and Blewett Pass will remain closed. WSDOT will re-evaluate when conditions stabilize.

Transportation officials recommend delaying travel over the Cascade and Olympic mountains.


A Blizzard Warning remains in effect through Wednesday, as the area is getting pounded with heavy snow and strong winds. The Cascades could see another four-feet of snow with the Olympic mountains are predicted to see another two-to-three feet of snow. The National Weather Service says wide-spread blowing snow will decrease visibility to below a quarter of a mile. Gusty winds may cause downed trees.


For updates on WA mountain pass conditions, visit the WSDOT website.

As of this update, Snoqualmie Pass remains open and traction tires are advised. Chains are required on Vehicles over 10,000 gross vehicle weight. All over-sized vehicles are prohibited.

For anyone planning to travel through mountain passes, please know before you go. In Washington, check WSDOT and in Oregon, visit TripCheck.com.


Please be safe.

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