Believe it or not, Thursday, August 5th was National Underwear Day. The date is set aside, according to the National Day Calendar to "wear your favorite undergarments. Boxers. Briefs. Panties. Tighty-whities. No matter what you call them, our underthings provide a layer of comfort. 

Many Americans have heard their mother’s warning. “Make sure to always wear clean underwear. You never know when you will be in an accident!” While there are other reasons to wear fresh underwear, this is the one that often comes to mind."

How did we let that banner event pass us by?

Pretty easily, really, as our underwear isn't something we pay to much mind to until they wear out and need replacing.

According to a recent survey done by women's underwear brand EBY (co-founded by the lovely actress Sofia Vergara), found that, apparently, ladies in Washington State aren't splurging on new undies nearly often enough!

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Their findings, based on approximately 1,500 respondents, revealed that 61% of Washington women own underwear that is well over three years old -- by far the highest ranking in the USA!

It caused me pause to think about my collection of chonies and, ladies, I am no one to talk. Probably half of the drawers in my... drawer are 10 years old!

Other interesting tidbits about our collective underwear opinions included:

● More than half of ladies are willing to pay up to $15 or less for underwear (53%)
● 63% of women are most interested in purchasing a variety of neutrals, colors and mixed print underwear
● When it comes to going commando, 40% of individuals responded that the biggest reason they do so is because of discomfort caused by their underwear
● 62% of respondents agreed that when it comes to purchasing underwear, the way it feels on their skin is most important in their daily life

Graphic courtesy: Nouveau Communications
Graphic courtesy: Nouveau Communications

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