A Tri-Cities couple is putting a cool, new twist on the classic jigsaw puzzle.

Peter and Kayla Clyde, who reside in Richland, are about to roll out their unique, fresh take on a hobby that has been around for more than 250 years. Originally a picture was painted onto a piece of wood and then cut into small pieces. The puzzles we grew up with are, of course, typically made out of cardboard. What the Clyde's have done seems to be the natural, technological progression in the history of the timeless, time-consuming, brain-busting classic hobby.

Calling their puzzles "Lazels" - or, "lazer puzzles" - the pieces are cut out of stainless steel and then laser-sculpted and engraved before being polished to give them shimmering, intricate designs. The individual pieces are smaller than a dime in size and tweezers are needed to put the entire project together.

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The couple plans to limit the number of puzzles to just 100 per design. Each one will be 100 pieces and include a set of tweezers with purchase. People who sign-up to their e-mail newsletter will be given a one-hour first right of refusal to purchase the puzzles when each one is dropped.

The couple has a patent pending on what they are calling their invention "at the intersection of art and science". They claim that their puzzles are the first of their kind and, as far as I know, I cannot refute that one bit.

I must say I am mesmerized just looking at them and can't wait to see and touch one in real life.

It has been said that necessity is the mother of invention but in this case, the Clyde's have clearly made a better mouse trap!

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