Gonzaga's Bulldogs don't have the same buzz this season going into the men's NCAA basketball tournament. We had so much hope this time a year ago only to see them dashed. But the Bulldogs are a decent team this year and have a good chance at making the tournament. If they beat BYU tonight, they have a guaranteed spot.

The game airs Tuesday, March 11 at 6 p.m. on ESPN.

It's going to be a nail biter. Both teams are having a good season and are finishing strong. If either wins they're guaranteed a seed in the NCAA March Madness tournament. Nobody wants to be hoping, wishing and praying for a bid. It's better to clinch it. And tonight is the clincher for BOTH teams.

Brigham Young University won in overtime yesterday to the jubilation of Cougar fans. It's going to be a well-watched game!

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