Linkin Park are set to honor Chester Bennington by releasing One More Light: Live, which was recorded on the band's tour in support of their 2017 studio effort. The disc comes with mixed emotions as fans have expressed their grief over the loss of the 21st century icon. Now, Linkin Park have issued a video for "Crawling," taken from the forthcoming disc.

The Hybrid Theory cut has stood as one of the defining rock songs of modern day times, but on this last tour, Linkin Park opted to strip down the angsty favorite to just piano and Bennington's voice. The black and white hues add an even more somber touch as we see the singer standing in the middle of the crowd, grasping outstretched hands as the crowd helps to sing the chorus.

The video demonstrates the deep connection Bennington had with the fans, which was echoed after his passing as fans around the world gathered to mourn the death of the Linkin Park singer and to share their mutual love for his work.

One More Light: Live will be released on Dec. 15 through Warner Bros. and pre-orders can be placed here and will come with an instant gratification download of "Crawling." After announcing the album, the band released a statement detailing what this album means to them.

"We dedicate this live album to our brother Chester who poured his heart and soul into One More Light. After we finished recording the album, we joked with Chester that — since he had delivered so many stunning performances in the studio — he had set the bar extra high to produce that alchemy onstage each night. Not surprisingly, he welcome the challenge," they said, in part. "The shows we played together during the early summer of 2017 were extraordinary. Chester shared with us that he felt this was the best tour we had ever done. The comaraderie and the joy we experienced on stage reflected our deep connection with each other, with our fans, and with the music."

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