With 'The Voice' in the midst of its second week of blind auditions, lots of news about the show and its coaches have started to float about the interweb like its nobody's business. But the greatest thing that can come from any show is behind the scenes footage and candids, showing us mere non-celebs what the chemistry is really like.

A clip hit YouTube featuring the four 'Voice' coaches: Cee Lo Green, Christina Aguilera, Blake Shelton, and Adam Levine being interviewed by the show's social media correspondent Christina Milian. Milian asks the quartet about numerous topics, with "Which fellow coach would you like to record with?" being one of the many obvious questions.

"I've done one with Christina," said Green, reaching over to pat Aguilera's fluffy robe. "It's like a feature." "It's coming up," adds Aguilera, who then admits to wanting to record with Shelton.

When asked what they love most about working with each other, Aguilera was interestingly the first to respond, saying she loved the laughs she got from the guys. However, when it came down to admitting what it was like when they first met each other, Levine immediately jumped in, pointing at each of his fellow coaches and saying, "It was like this, 'F--- you, f--- you, you're cool...'"

Wait... did he just call Aguilera the "cool" one? BRB, dying over their obvious sexual tension.