There appears to be a big problem in Benton City and we're talking about Coyotes. On a post from the Facebook group 'Benton City's Real News' there are photos and evidence (missing pets) of Coyote's hunting domestic pets in the area

COYOTES pack coming in...By Legion Park on 13th. Please keep your eyes on small children and on pets, especially small dogs, chickens, cats. Sadly all our cats in this neighborhood have been taken except 2 out of a dozen.Tonight I stepped outside to potty a dog and heard the chirping and yipping... So I stepped out to road, shining flash light and sure enough! Coyotes coming down, hunting. These guys easily jump a 6 ft fence and nab a little pet out of your yard. PLEASE watch you little ones close. Mating season is starting and you will females chirping for an hour.. Be cautious! Here are pics from last time. I've seen 4 all together so far. Just want people to acknowledge the care of their own personal little pets that don't stand a chance. Not trying to scare anybody just bring it to their attention to be a little bit more aware. I grew up on a farm in Benton City 62 years ago, normally they'll go the other way if they see you but this guy was kind of brazen when he saw me he just stopped and looked at me. When these poor critters are hungry they'll go anywhere.


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