If you get a knock at your door from these young entrepreneurs I highly encourage you to answer! No, they're not selling magazine subscriptions. They're selling delicious, ripe watermelons!


Imagine the surprise, after working on an incredibly hot day in the yard. I was tired of pulling weeds, washing out old coolers and stuff in the shed. I took a break to cool off in the air-conditioned house, yes air conditioning!

There was a knock at the door. I answered and Oscar and Sebastian had an offer way too good to pass up on. I had to get the story.

After talking with Sebastian and Oscar for a few minutes, I was immediately sold. Watermelons for $4! What a deal! Naturally, I took my time to choose the best one.

It's great to see people sharing, learning along the way. I hope these boys sell all of their watermelons. And, if you boys have more, feel free to knock at my door again. I'm happy to support you!

Please, if Oscar and Sebastian make their way to your doorstep, help the boys out. They're young entrepreneurs with big dreams. They're hard workers, and in the few minutes I spent with them, I could tell that family is everything to them. I remember delivering newspapers with my brothers at their age. Times change. I love their stamina.

Well done, Sebastian and Oscar!

Watermelon.Shallow dof.

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