I turned to Facebook (my personal Facebook page and the KORD Facebook page) to find out who has the best local coffee around, specifically I asked "who has the best locally owned coffee in the Tri-Cities?" As I expected my Facebook friends did not disappoint and I found out more than I ever expected! I know there is a lot of coffee shops in our area but I didn't realize how many of these shops I have not visited. I am now on a mission to visit every locally owned coffee shop in the Tri!

It might take me a bit to get to them all, but eventually I will! I also might be a very busy girl, not only reaching and researching each shop but I will most likely be all buzzed up on caffeine! I love supporting local and I love my coffee so this will be a fun adventure.

After posing the question and getting feedback from Facebook, there were a few coffee shops that stood out and seemed to be a fan favorite. Instead of just telling you who was the most popular, I decided to compile a list of them all, so everyone could enjoy our local caffeinated favorites!

I will report that the top five favorites, according to my own personal poll ended up being Knots and Grounds, Roscoe's, Once Upon a Brew, Coffee Crush and Mocha Express. All which I will find time to drive through and grab either an iced delight or a steamy hot cup of Joe this week. Also making the list was some of my personal favorites, which included, Indulgences in West Richland (not only is their coffee fantastic but I might be partial because my daughter works there), Cougar Cave Espresso in Benton City, very convenient because of my location and great coffee and another of my personal favorites, Firehouse coffee. So many coffee shops and not enough time!! Just kidding... I have the time so I will name all that were named.

Also making the list was Tri-Cities Coffee Company, Coffee Bean (one of my old school, all time favorites for sure), Some Bagels, Bombshellz, Evergreen, Pearl Coffee, Badger Mountain Coffee, Burlesque Brew, Barracuda Coffee, Roasters, King Cup Coffee, Southern Belle Espresso, Blackbird Espresso, Novel Coffee Company, TeaHaus, Nano's Cold Brew, Brown House Coffee, Grindstar, Ethos, Rockabilly Roasting Company, Treasure Valley Coffee and Kennewick Flower Shop.

I love supporting local and I love my coffee! Thank you all who took part in my survey and thanks for supporting local!



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