National Night Out is Tomorrow and each town in Tri-Cities is celebrating but West Richland Police Department have a special's their witty request as posted on Facebook

west richland police

Do you have what it takes to make it big in Hollywood? Maybe you want to be a solo recording artist. Is the only thing standing in your way your elementary acting skills or inability to carry a tune? We say, “No problem!” WRPD will be filming for our lip sync video at National Night Out and YOU could be the star! or at least one of the people in the background.

If you are interested in being part of the WPRD Lip Sync Video- join us at Flat Top Park for National Night Out on Tuesday, August 7th from 5-8pm.

We can’t guarantee you a Hollywood contract or a solo album… but we can guarantee that someone who sees the video probably knows somebody who is related to a guy who may have babysat for someone’s aunt who grew up to next to someone that held the boom mic on the set of a low budget college film. So… chances of a multi-million dollar deal are pretty good.

Lip Sync National Night Out Tuesday, August 7th 5-8PM

And a new update just added today:

Attention Potential Lip Sync Stars:

If you are going to show up at National Night Out for participation in the lip sync challange video, and you are going to wear a costume, you will need to bring a PG rated costume to change into. Please keep in mind that there are small bathrooms at the park which really do not constitute a changing room. (At least for the number of people who may be showing up). We thank you in advance for your participation.

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