It's another Wet Nose Wednesday and this week we are spotlighting little Guero (pronounced WHERE-OH) and he's the most adorable little guy from our friends at Pet OverPopulation Prevention.

This handsome brown-eyed little guy ruled his backyard for 11 years and then suddenly found out that life would have to change...drastically.Guero's family was forced to move and unfortunately, the new location would not allow for little Guero. His foster mom has taught him all about the pleasures of indoor dog life and he thinks its fabulous.

He is a little skittish at first but he has gone through quite a few changes and this is all so new to him.
He is sweet as can be, loves attention, to cuddle but is not a licker.Guero has been an only dog most of his life but seems to be okay with the canine housemate that is similar in size to him.

Anyone bigger is very scary!Guero is working on his leash skills, as well as many other new things. His foster mom says he is a quick learner.

He is not familiar with treats and toys so he is still figuring out what all that is about too.
As you can see from his pictures, this little guy is not camera-shy, enjoys his bow tie, and loves posing for pictures. He is hoping his new human will make him insta-famous.
If you are interested in giving Guero his dream of becoming an Instagram star, please fill out their adoption questionnaire:

Guero Wet Nose Wednesday

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