It's another Wet Nose Wednesday and we've got another furry friend to share with you from our friends at Pet Overpopulation Prevention.

Meet Ramsey:

Ramsey tells you himself why he'd make a great addition to your household!

Your search for a pal to chill with just maybe over!

Ramsey's the name, and chillin's my game. What do I like most about life?

I love to go for drives in the car, my stuffed animals, snuggling, and being petted... I'm not a big fan of little kids or other animals, so if you don't have those, we'd probably get along great!

I give a good warning bark when someone new comes up to the house, but then I'm fine once I know they are welcome.

My previous owner passed away, and now his family needs to find me a new home. They would love to keep me, but their other dog and I don't quite see eye to eye. I'm about 8-9 years young.

I'm a good dog, just looking for a place to chill. Is that with you at your place?

IMPORTANT INFORMATION: Interested in adopting this or another POPP dog?

Please complete their adoption questionnaire found at:

If you have any questions. please E-mail POPP at

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