Turns out, the day you choose to get gas might just save you a ton of cash in your pocket! Thanks to a handy new app at gasbuddy.com, you can get real time gas prices.

The cheapest days to get gas in the Tri-Cities are either Monday or Tuesday, with Saturday being the most expensive day of the week.


The average price of gas can fluctuate a lot in a short amount of time, we just don't realize it. When I checked this morning, the average price for gas had dropped just over $.50 per gallon since just yesterday.

Gasbuddy shows that it is slightly cheaper to get gas in Franklin County then Benton County, but the difference is very slight.

The highest weekly gas price average in the Tri-Cities since 2008 was $4.10 back in July of 2008. The lowest price was January of that same year 2008 with $1.59 per gallon average, according to gasbuddy.com.

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