What Are Some Of The Fastest Speeding Tickets Given Out In WA-ORE-CA?

I'll admit it. I'm generally a lead-foot but for the most part, I'm a five-mile-an-hour over-driver.

There Is An Urban Legend Of A Ticket For 230 MPH In Nevada, Is It True?

So I'm usually good for a speeding ticket every three years or so and it's been a while so I'm sure I'm due. I know a lot of people who speed even more than that and I've heard some crazy speeding stories - some I believe, some I don't.

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We recently posted about a driver in Richland going 107 MPH on SR 240 and getting a massive speeding ticket.

It got me thinking, what are some of the heftiest speeding tickets given out in Washington, Oregon, and California?

Thanks to the website app.winit.com, they listed a few of the fastest and most outrageous speeds and tickets given out:

California: In April 2020, an officer clocked a driver going 139 mph, more than twice the posted speed limit, on a highway in Contra Costa County. In a Twitter post, the CHP called the driver “straight up irresponsible” and urged Californian motorists to slow down.


Oregon: One of the highest speeds in Oregon was recorded in June 1993 when a 1991 Acura driver was stopped on the Astoria Megler Bridge after reaching 159 mph, more than 100 mph over the posted speed limit.

The bummer of this article is that I couldn't find a definitive top speed recorded in Washington State.

I reached out to WSP Trooper Chris Thorson on what he recalls about the fastest speed on record.

He couldn't recall but he did have this to say about speeding in Washington State:

I will tell you that we are seeing a record number of fatality collisions across Washington state and approximately 1/3 of the crashes are due to speeding. So it is a big problem and it is leading to a lot of collisions.

There is a wild urban legend that a driver in Nevada had a driver that was clocked at 236 MPH but on record, 155 MPH is the highest speed and ticket given in Nevada.

I'm not advocating for breaking the law but I did find the topic fascinating. How fast have you gone? Feel free to comment below or in our APP Chat feature.


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