What Are The Intercom Codes At Walmart And What Do They Mean?

Have you ever been shopping at Walmart and suddenly heard an announcement over the intercom for a code brown? 

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Why Is A Code Brown The Most Dangerous Intercom Code At Walmart?

If you ever hear that here in the Tri-Cities, you are going to want to exit Walmart as quickly as possible.

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Walmart has many different overhead codes and most don't concern the average shopper but if you hear that a code brown is going down, you'll need to react.

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A code brown at Walmart has nothing to do with poop or bodily functions. Rather, it’s an emergency code used by employees to alert others of an immediate situation in the store.

According to sbxl.com, here are the codes and what they mean at Walmart

  1. White - Accident
  2. Blue - Bomb
  3. Red - Fire
  4. Black - Weather
  5. Green - Hostage
  6. Orange - Chemical
  7. Adam - Missing Child

Lastly, code #8 is a code brown which means a shooting situation.

What is a Code Brown?

A code brown is an emergency alert that Walmart stores use to signal when there is an immediate threat to customer safety. Code Brown is for an active shooter situation. In any case, the announcement will ask all customers to evacuate the store immediately to ensure their safety.

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Why Should I Leave When I Hear It?

When you hear a code brown announcement at Walmart, it’s important to follow the instructions and evacuate as soon as possible.

If there’s an active shooter situation, safety experts recommend leaving the building as quickly and calmly as possible while also staying aware of your surroundings.

If it’s just bad weather or another type of emergency that doesn’t pose an immediate threat, the other codes will be used. it’s still best practice to follow the instructions given for everyone involved—customers and employees alike—to remain safe in the event of a code brown at Walmart.

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