Have You Ever Spotted A Dryer Sheet In The Back Of Your Mail Box?

If you see dryer sheets in your mailbox in Washington State, there's an interesting reason why and it'll surprise you.


Placing A Dryer Sheet In Your Mailbox Is An Unusual Hack Against Pests And Insects

At first, seeing dryer sheets in your mailbox might seem a little odd but believe it or not, there is a good reason why some mailboxes in Washington State have their inside lined with the sheets.

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In my neighborhood in Kennewick, we get a ton of those little wasp and hornet nests that seem to be hidden under every crevice possible. I've found the nests in the corner of my roof and underneath my porch. I once discovered a nest in the door of my car.

What Purpose Does A Dryer Sheet In Your Mailbox Serve?

The dryer sheets in the mailbox ward off a similar kind of insect and the dryer sheets might be placed in the mailbox because of your mail carrier.


That's right, your mail carrier might've left the dryer sheets in your mailbox, and here are the reasons why:


A Reedit posting that was featured on Today.com clarifies that the dryer sheets help keep wasps and yellowjackets from building a nest in your mailbox. An Oregon mail carrier Chris Strickley has been putting the sheets in mailboxes for the last six years and it's helped keep the mail carrier from getting stung.

Wasps and Yellowjackets are plentiful in Washington State so keeping them out of areas where you could get stung unexpectedly is a worthwhile endeavor.

One Reddit user said that the dryer sheets are gang-related and that your house has been marked but the mail carrier again clarified that the sheets aren't being used for nefarious reasons.

I may have to try this hack in the future. ✌ you can read more details here.

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