Holy cow!  I saw the headline...Teen clocked at 126 mph.  What?  I have so many questions.  Where?  When?  Was anyone hurt?

So...I checked out the Kennewick Police Facebook page.

It happened Monday evening, at about 10.

An officer was driving along Canal Drive near N. Vancouver Street. The officer observed a vehicle traveling toward him at what appeared to be a high rate of speed. The officer’s radar indicated the vehicle to be traveling at 126MPH. The officer activated their emergency lights and siren, and the vehicle accelerated out of sight. The vehicle was located a short time later, unoccupied and damaged due to hitting a curb. The vehicle was towed as evidence.

After investigating, it was discovered that a 17-year old boy was behind the wheel.

The juvenile was taken to the Benton County Juvenile Detention Center for attempting to elude police.

Thank goodness no one was injured.  Why do people feel the need to speed?  Last week we had someone going 132 mph near Hanford.

Please, please, please, obey the speed limit.

You do NOT need to be in such a hurry to get anywhere, THAT fast.  It's reckless and against the law.

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