Americans may have an enduring love affair with cars dating back more than 100 years, but there are some models we refuse to drive off the lot.

April car sales data show a two percent increase overall from the same time last year, but, in general, sales weren’t spectacular. Some companies did well, however, including Toyota, Chrysler and a few European auto makers.

But several manufacturers performed poorly, including General Motors and Ford. And there are several specific car models that took much longer than the 52-day average to sell.

By using information from, the website 24/7 Wall Street was able to identify 10 models that Americans refuse to buy. The Volkswagen Routan ranked first on the list of unpopular cars, followed by the Nissan Titan and the Kia Rio. Each took more than 100 days to sell, and poor reviews and concerns over fuel efficiency seem the most likely reasons.

Sales for seven of the 10 cars on the list dropped significantly between 2009 and 2011 and two — the Cadillac DTS and the Honda Element — have been discontinued altogether. Others may soon face the same fate.

Take a look below at the cars Americans are just not buying.