Haunting new details on Whitney Houston‘s final days are emerging, and it seems that the singer sensed her passing was coming. Sources say that Houston was increasingly spiritual and religious because she felt her own end was near.

TMZ reports that Houston told friends that she “really wanted to see Jesus” just days before her death. Houston told pals, “I’m gonna go see Jesus … I want to see Jesus.” Sources also said that Houston “felt like her time was coming,” so she wanted to praise her savior as much as she could.

Sources claim that Houston was constantly quoting Bible passages, singing psalms and having “intense conversations about Jesus Christ and the afterlife.” Houston’s last performance, a duet with Kelly Price, was a rousing rendition of ‘Yes, Jesus Loves Me.’ Close sources to the singer say that the next day, just hours before she died, that Houston was discussing a Bible passage and telling friends, “You know, he’s so cool … I really want to see that Jesus.”

The reports, along with findings that an overdose of prescriptions the likely cause, suggest that Houston’s death may have been a suicide (or a self-fulfilling prophecy), but nothing has been confirmed.

Houston’s musical roots began in her church choir as a child, and will come full circle there as well. The singer’s private funeral will be held at the New Hope Baptist Church in Newark, N.J. this Saturday, Feb. 18. Our thoughts are with Houston’s family and friends during this tragic time.

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