A New Netflix Movie Spotlights Washington State's Most Succesful Bank Robber

Who was Washington State's most prolific bank robber?

I just finished watching Netflix's “How to Rob a Bank,” and it’s worth watching if you’re into true crime.

The movie covers one of the most prolific bank robbers in Washington State history, Scott Scurlock, who managed to stay ahead of the cops for more than 17 robberies between 1992 and 1996.

credit: netflix youtube
credit: netflix youtube
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His first known bank robbery occurred in 1992. Unlike many robbers who rely on brute force or recklessness, Scurlock meticulously planned each heist, often spending weeks or even months studying his targets.

Washington State's Most Successful Bank Robber Cash Totaled Over A Million Dollars

His attention to detail and ability to remain calm under pressure quickly set him apart and he quickly gained the name "Hollywood" based on his disguises that he wore during the robberies.

While Scott was the mastermind, he rarely worked alone. He had a small but trusted team that included Mark Biggins and Steve Meyers, who assisted in various capacities.

credit: netflix youtube
credit: netflix youtube

By the end of 1995, Scurlock had stolen close to a million dollars.

One of Scott Scurlock's most infamous heists took place at the Seafirst Bank in Seattle.

It was Thanksgiving eve 1996, and he and his accomplices robbed the bank expecting a haul of 2-3 Million but police by this time were ready for them.

Scurlock escaped after a quick shootout with Seattle Police and hid out in a camper in a nearby neighborhood but was soon discovered by police on Thanksgiving morning after a family turned him in.

Scott Scurlock's luck eventually ran out. Scurlock fired a single shot from the camper and the police returned fire.

After four hours and no sounds, Seattle Police opened the camper to find Scurlock dead from a self-inflicted gun wound - the one shot police heard from the camper earlier.

credit: youtube/netflix
credit: youtube/netflix

The documentary is fascinating and Scott Scurlock's path to masterminded bank robber will keep you mesmerised.

There's a lot to the story and some of the ingenious ways Scurlock and his crew evaded police for years. You can read more about Scott Scurlock here.

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