According to new reports, the City of Pasco is technically closing its deal to purchase the infamous Thunderbird Motel on Tuesday, May 3rd. But the sign came down a few days ago.

   Who took down the famous sign early?

According to information from the City, as well as KEPR-TV CBS, the sign that toppled to the ground over the weekend was done by mistake.

Pasco officials say demolition of the hotel will likely begin before the end of May, and by early 2023 the area will contain more downtown parking and other amenities.

It's part of the downtown renovation that was recently highlighted by the re-opening of the refurbished Peanuts Park and Farmer's Market.

For years, the Thunderbird was known as a regular crime-ridden area, Pasco Police visited it at least once a day, according to records as far back as 8 years. Drugs and prostitution were a big issue.

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    Pasco not saying who took the sign down

We reported Monday about the landmark sign being toppled, but now officials say it was a "miscommunication." They have not offered any other comment, but curiously, they did say anyone with any information (apparently about the sign's location) is urged to contact the city--according to KEPR TV.

Where's Waldo? where's the Thunderbird Sign?

The brief video below shows the sign toppling to the ground.

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