If I Find A Zip Tie On My Car Door, What's The Big Deal With It?

Have you ever walked to your car only to find a zip tie carefully tied around your car door handle? You may immediately feel your heart race and wonder what it could possibly mean.


Have There Been Any Reports In Washington State Concerning Zip Tie's On Cars?

The truth is, there are many different reasons why a zip tie could be tied to your car door, and understanding why could potentially save you from a dangerous situation.

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There is a video circulating that says that a zip tie tied to your door handle could mean sex traffickers are targeting you.

What Do I Do If See A Zip Tie Tied To My Vehicle In Washington State?

According to automobilesillustrated.com, the video has been circulating since 2015 and there hasn't been a case of a zip tie tied to a car handle abduction report.

The article goes on to discuss that maybe if you see a zip tie tied to a car door handle think you are being robbed but according to the article that might be the case.


At this writing, there have been no reported cases in Washington State concerning such a tactic.

The article also goes on to explain that sex traffickers prefer to recruit online so the zip tie trick might just be a rumor to scare people but in my opinion, it's always best to be safe than sorry.

You can read more details on the article here.

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