Many insurance agents are now getting more and more questions from clients about their auto insurance, especially if they popped for one of the new "e-DUI" tickets. Many have been surprised to see their rates go up.  Why?

According to information from PEMCO Insurance, most companies treat an e-DUI the same as other moving violations. The e-DUI is when you get a ticket for using any kind of digital device behind the wheel (whether it's texting, talking, or even holding your phone).

PEMCO's study says in WA and OR the law even covers just holding the device in your hand. The base ticket is $136,  up to $234 for a second violation if committed in the next five years.

But even that deterrent has not produced the kind of reductions authorities had hoped for. PEMCO's study shows about 64% of people have made 'some' sort of modification to their digital habits behind the wheel, but many of them have not stopped completely.

Only about 38% have all but stopped entirely. The chance of getting your rates raised after an e-DUI are higher the younger you are.

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