One Of Oregon's Most Prolific Killers Has Escaped Death Four Times

Oregon like Washington has sadly had its share of serial killers. One serial killer is considered to be Oregon's most prolific and he's currently managed to escape death four times.

By Oregon Department of Corrections, Salem, Oregon, United States.
By Oregon Department of Corrections, Salem, Oregon, United States.

Dayton Leroy Rogers was a serial killer who terrorized Oregon in the late 1980s.

He was convicted of six murders but is believed to have killed as many as nine women. His victims were all prostitutes or drug addicts, and most of them were found in wooded areas near Portland.

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Rogers would pick up his victims in his van, and then torture and kill them. He would often mutilate their bodies.

Rogers Was Connected To The Murders Because Of His Drinking Habit


Rogers's nickname was the "Mollala Forest Killer" and was finally caught in 1987 and convicted in 1989. He was known to make himself a "screwdriver" drink and it was one of the things he did that helped connect him to the murders. Rogers often gave his victims the same drink.

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After his arrest, Rogers was sentenced to death, and he remains on death row to this day.

What is most fascinating about Rogers is that, unlike his victims, he's managed to avoid death for decades even though he's been repeatedly given the death sentence for his crimes.

The Oregon Supreme Court, in 1992 and 2000, upheld the death penalty conviction by a jury of his peers.

The Oregon Supreme Court than in 2012 called for another trial and vacated the death penalty.

A judge in 2015 sentenced Rogers again to the death penalty, this time Rogers said he would've not appealed the ruling if he would just be given a life sentence.

A new law in 2021 overturned his fourth death penalty conviction. The new law which limited the amount of aggravating factors required for seeking the death penalty went into effect.

Rogers currently sits on Oregon's Death Row.

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