A man from India (living in Canada) died at the 2015 Paradiso Festival at The Gorge Amphitheater and the organizers -- maybe even the venue -- may be partially responsible. Here's why:
Friends who took the young man to Paradiso told the Vancouver, BC, hospital he had heat stroke. Recently coroners confirmed he died as a result of the Ecstasy drug he took at Paradiso.

The drug is popular at concerts featuring EDM music and Paradiso is a festival of that kind of music. Ecstasy interferes with the body's ability to regulate heat.
If you (or your venue) knows it's likely young people will be sneaking in Ecstasy to a particular type of concert, why would you hold that event in a Central Washington desert plateau in late June?

Seems like a no-brainer this is really dangerous for the attendees.

Quincy's hospital saw over 50 people sick this last festival. However, they may see that many drunk people at Watershed. 50 may not be a high number for this type of event. But a young man is dead because he took Ecstasy and got too hot. Perhaps Paradiso and The Gorge can't do anything about people sneaking illegal drugs. But they can certainly do something about the heat.

At minimum, I wonder if they were handing out free bottles of water? Normally bottles are for sale, but is this event doing all it can to protect the safety of its customers?
The Gorge's neighbors hate Paradiso most because it attracts mostly young people (not all of whom are responsible with their garbage, noise and potty needs).
My friend is an EDM fan and says late June is usually mild weather at The Gorge. The 113 degree-temperature was a freak incident. I respect that, but still, high temps are highly possible and not worth the risk.

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