At first glance this might seem ridiculous, but apparently it's required to make it "legal." This image is courtesy of KAPP-KVEW TV and 

Some say it looks 'petty,' but in order to fully comply with Benton County 'taking' control of the jail away from Sheriff Jerry Hatcher, now all vehicles and equipment that are used there that say Benton County Sheriff have to have the logo and words covered up.

Case in point, the jail transport vans. Prior to this week, the Sheriff's Department was running the Benton County jail. Now, it's under control of the County.  Sheriff Hatcher ordered all the Sheriff's Department workers who are employed as part of the jail to remove their badges and patches because they're "county" employees now.

Now there's been black tape applied by the county over the Sheriff logos and lettering on the transport vans and other equipment. Sounds kind of like two kids fighting over a toy, huh? This saga is far from over.

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