The first official portraits of Prince William, Kate Middleton and infant Prince George were sent out by the Press Association under "strict embargo" earlier today along with instructions not to publish them until midnight, but that was a no-go. Because this is the internet.

The two casual shots, reportedly taken by Kate's father, Michael, at the Middleton family home earlier this month, depict the happy royal parents and their sleeping newborn.

The photo below also includes Tilly, the Middletons' dog, and Will and Kate's black cocker spaniel Lupo, with his tongue hanging out all unroyal-like (but totally cute and dog-like). Kate, meanwhile, is glowy in a burgundy dress as she holds George, who looks ... well, like a baby. As they do at that age.

As for Will, he seems to be adjusting to fatherhood nicely -- even if the noise is a bit much for him.

"[George] is a little bit of a rascal, I'll put it that way," he told CNN. "He wriggles around quite a lot. And he doesn't want to go to sleep that much, which is a little bit of a problem."

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