I LOVE a good potato chip and it looks like we've got a new brand of chips out there in the wild. It's the newest chip from Tim's Cascade Chips called Sasquatch Surprise.

It makes total sense that living in the Pacific Northwest that we'd finally get a Sasquatch potato chip but the real question is whether these chips will be as elusive to find as the fabled Sasquatch?

I haven't seen any yet but I've seen photos and posting of these elusive chips so I know they're out there somewhere. Tri-Citian Lucas Schaefer already snapped a photo of the chips so we know Sasquatch chips can be found

photo credit: Lucas Schaefer
photo credit: Lucas Schaefer

The chips are getting rave reviews. Bloggers on Tim's Cascade Chips Facebook page are going nuts trying to find them. The people who've tasted the chip compare it to Canada's "All Dressed" Ruffles and one blogger writes "They’re weirdly delicious, vinegar, bbq mesquite to me"

I haven't seen them around Tri-Cities yet but Tim Cascade Chips says they're out there in stores. It just means I'll have to take up my own "Big Foot" expedition to find them like those great adventurers and explorers of the past. I know I'll find these elusive chips somewhere so if you see them, let me know.

You can check out Sasquatch Surprise and all the reviews online here. Here's to good hunting and good eating!

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