No matter how much warning or how we prepare, the wind in the Tri-Cities never seems to let us down with surprise! It is not unusual that after a windy day in this area that you have to retrieve a garbage can, a few lawn chair cushions or spend the next week cleaning tumbleweeds from your property. Sundays wind didn't let us down for the element of surprise. Many friends of mine shared photos with me and there was plenty of damage done, but thankfully no injuries reported. It always amazes me what the wind can manage to flip and destroy!

There were light poles down, trees blown over and blocking the roadway, barbecue grills flipped completely over, fences blown down and herds of tumbleweeds playing "Mario Cart" on the freeway. The blowing dust is not just an annoyance but dangerous! WSP responded to a seven car crash on I-82 Westbound, just off Queensgate Blvd. They are urging people to be cautious while driving in this wind.

Also there were many power outages reported due to the high winds.

Spring seems to have sprung and with spring in this area the wind is just part of the changing seasons. I personally hunkered down today and stayed as far from outside as possible, I am a firm believer in "safety first" and hiding in my warm, controlled environment was a win for me today. I hope you all stayed safe and warm and don't have to chase your garbage can too far down the street before the garbage man comes tomorrow!

Wind damage 3/28/2021

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