Have you heard the news?

We knew the summer-like temperatures weren't going to last. We broke records locally. Well, that certainly changed. But SNOW? Yes. And, it's arriving soon! According to the National Weather Service in Pendleton:


Snow expected at pass level and above 3000 feet. Total
snow accumulations of up to 8 inches possible, with up to 12
inches possible near the crest. The area affected: East Slopes of the Washington Cascades.

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A system tonight (Friday) through Saturday will bring snow to the Washington Cascades, including the Passes. The heaviest snow is expected Saturday morning. If you are traveling the passes, be prepared for difficult travel conditions at times.

NWS Pendleton
NWS Pendleton

How will this affect Tri-Cities?

It doesn't, really, until, Sunday night. The forecast calls for a slight chance of snow after 10 pm.
Snow level 800 feet. The chance of precipitation is 20%.

According to the National Weather Service:

The Tri-Cities weather on Monday, there's a chance for rain and snow. Snow level 1300 feet lowering to 700 feet in the afternoon. Partly sunny, with a high near 40. Chance of precipitation is 40%.


It seems we MAY be affected Sunday night into Monday morning, then again Tuesday night. Temps will get down to just below freezing, which could make roads slick. be prepared.

It's really a no-brainer. Plan ahead. Be prepared.

Precautions you can take:

Check the forecast and travel conditions before you leave. Make sure you have plenty of gas and a winter travel kit in your vehicle. Allow extra time to reach your destination safely. Allow plenty of distance between you and other vehicles. Make sure you have plenty of gas and a winter travel kit in your vehicle.

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