A woman was arrested Tuesday night originally for DUI & failure to stop.  However, that's not all.

The Pasco Police Facebook page describes the event in detail.

DON’T BITE THE NICE OFFICER: Bethany Ann Bechtol, DOB 042386 of Pasco, ended up booked into Franklin County Jail on Tuesday night after an arrest for DUI led to one of the officers reporting that she bit him. She was booked on an investigative hold for Assault Third Degree.

It started at about 9:25 PM with a report from a caller that a female was at the drive-through of the Dairy Queen on Burden Blvd, using a white Mazda to cut into the existing line of cars, and the caller described her as appearing to be intoxicated. Officers arrived as she was pulling out onto Burden. She failed to stop for several blocks for two marked patrol cars with lights and sirens on. She actually did a couple laps around the nearby residential neighborhood before abruptly stopping.

A DUI investigation began. After that, officers arrested her for DUI and Failure to Stop. Once inside the patrol car, she slipped her handcuffs. When officers attempted to get her to cooperate with stepping out so they could resecure the cuffs, they report that she became resistive and bit one of the officers on the arm.

The investigation continued with a search warrant to obtain a sample of her blood for analysis. It took a while, and they report that she continued to be uncooperative, but it eventually resulted in her booking into jail for a felony assault charge that could have been easily avoided.

If you are under the influence of anything that makes you feel not-normal, do not drive. If you insist on driving under the influence, stop for the police when they turn on the flashy-lights. Don’t bite or kick or what-not to the nice officers. It never solves your problem; it only makes things worse.

Anyone with info about this case is urged to call Dispatch at (509)628-0333 or email Officer Jake Spitzer about case 20-20308 Assault/ DIU.

If I hadn't read it on the Pasco Police Facebook page, I might not have believed it.  Remember, don't bite the nice officers.

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