A local family is outraged that Guadalupe A. Sanchez will only spend another month and a half in jail for rendering criminal assistance in the murder of Michelle Hudnall whose body was found dumped in the Columbia River last year.

The West Richland mother of four was murdered last year on Mother's Day by her "boyfriend" Benny Rodriguez Lozano Jr. who is charged with 2nd degree murder and will go to trial in September.

Ms. Sanchez's car was used to transport Hudnall's body to the dump site in rural Pasco along the Columbia River.

The judge decided to grant the minimum sentence and Sanchez got credit for time served (371 days), so she will serve roughly 90 more days in jail after pleading guilty to first-degree rendering criminal assistance.

The maximum sentence was only a few more months but Hudnall's family was disappointed.

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