If you're afraid of having your car stolen, maybe leave the tank almost empty?

Othello car thief runs out of gas

Franklin County Deputies report they apprehended a car theft suspect Thursday after he ran out of gas shortly after crossing into Franklin County from Othello.

The incident began when 42-year-old Tony Orlando Canto allegedly stole a black sedan from a residence in Othello.

Franklin County Deputies say the victim, and owner got in another vehicle and began to chase him. The chaser notified authorities he was following the car thief.

As Cantu crossed into Franklin from Adams County, he was being chased by Deputies from both counties as well as Othello Police.

 Things got 'wild west' during chase

Cantu began to fire a gun back at his pursuer, actually hitting his car, but not the driver. The chase finally came to an end when Cantu ran out of gas in the stolen car.

He was quickly apprehended and is facing assault, stolen vehicle possession, and eluding Police charges.

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Franklin County loaded up the stolen car and is taking it in for evidence, they're going to remove the bullets and match them up to the gun to strengthen their case.

The victim, whose name was not released, was not harmed in the wild incident.


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