The Washington State Patrol has been busy Wednesday.

While responding to one crash, WSP sees another right by them

Trooper Chris Thorson, the Public Information Officer for WSP in our region has been busy.

Prior to responding to that two-vehicle crash on Highway 240 by the mall, he and other officers were at the scene of a westbound rollover crash on I-182 close to road 68.

As they were attending to that crash, Thorson said another one happened right by them involving a semi-truck and a passenger car.

   Truck vs. Car crash just up the road from WSP


Second crash on I-182 (WSP)
Second crash on I-182 (WSP)

Thorson said the crash was close enough they could take a clear accident image without even having to move!

No official word as to what triggered the second crash, but the first was said to be a car vs. a ladder, apparently lying in the road, but the WSP did not elaborate.

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