I am not sure what it is about wrong-way drivers on highways near the Tri-Cities. There seemed to have been a lot of them lately (mostly on I-182), and I can only imagine how many there have been over the years. Sadly, every time we hear about a wrong-way driver, it usually ends up with massive injuries and/or death. But this time it's great news according to the tweet from Trooper Thorson (below). The 911 calls came pouring in about a wrong-way driver on I-82 in Richland this morning, and Trooper Gustin was able to meet the car "head-on" and get the old fella stopped. Then they parked his car and drove the man home. I wonder if the elderly driver thought, "What the hell is this cop doing with all the flashing lights and why is he on MY side of the road?"

Naturally, this will bring up the question of 'how old is too old' to drive, and I think that depends on the individual. But yes, there should be a point where you need to be tested more often to make sure you're road-worthy.


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