The record heat wave in the Columbia Basin is not helping the Kennewick Irrigation District or other water suppliers, new limitations have been placed on water use.

Wednesday, the KID released a statement cutting back watering zones for it's residential customers from 30 to 20 minutes per zone in their yards.  From the KID:

"Effective immediately, residential customers are required to limit watering to 20 minutes, per zone, for two days per week and according to their watering schedule. The District will be contacting Water Masters directly regarding agricultural and large parcel lots over 3 acres."

The District said the river is close to reaching historically low levels, according to the release:

"The Yakima River is at historically low levels. This along with consistently high temperatures has resulted in further reductions to the water being delivered to the Kennewick Irrigation District by federal officials. During a normal irrigation season, K.I.D. would be diverting 300 cfs. Today the diversion is projected to be 150 cfs." (Cubic feet per second).

Officials say the long-term outlook is poor and further reductions will likely be necessary. For additional information, contact the KID at their website or your local irrigation supplier.



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