I’m a big fan of movie tourism, so this is right up my alley: A couple of enterprising horror buffs have rented the house from Wes Craven’s Scream, located near Santa Rosa, California, so they can throw a massive house party the weekend before Halloween akin to the one featured at the climax of the film. Presumably the re-creation will involve less murder.

The organizers, Anthony Massi and Nate Ragon, told TMZ they paid a pretty penny to get this idea off the ground:

Anthony and Nate tell us they dropped $22k to rent out the 5 bedroom, 4 bathroom pad for the weekend and they'll trick out the house with a bunch of scary surprises. And, get this ... for the right price you can have the guy behind Ghostface's voice, Roger Jackson, call and harass you just like in the movie.

Yes that’s right: For $125 you can have Ghostface himself call you and say horrible things to you. I mean, that sounds kind of terrifying to me, but hey, if you’ve always wanted to be harassed by a creepy dude in a black cloak, today is your lucky day. There will also be memorabilia from the Scream films on display. I imagine horror films will be watched and quoted, but let’s pray for all involved that’s where the two parties diverge.

The event already had a successful Kickstarter, raising more than $50,000 to help fund the festivities. Overnight packages for the event are sold out, but you can still get tickets and more details at ScreamComesHome.com. Enjoy the party responsibly and whatever you do: Never, at any point during your visit to the Scream house say the words “I’ll be right back.”

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