Who wouldn't want to own their own Pizzeria? If you where the owner - you could have as many slices as you'd like. A Pizzeria has gone up for sale in Walla Walla and you might find your true calling - slinging pizza!

Sweet Bazil Pizzeria is on the market and you could own this New York inspired pizza joint. The Pizzeria has been around since 2005 in Walla Walla at 5 South First Ave and now it's up for sale.

The Bowen family are looking to sell their Pizzeria after opening up for business from California in 2005. Co-Owner John Bowen says that the Pizzeria is in good health and that if the right offer doesn't come through, they won't be leaving.

The listing will go on the market this week so look for it if you're interested in owning your own pizza joint (and who wouldn't want that?).

You can get more details about the sale here. 

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