Big Jim and Stacy love vodka, and they're happy to pass along these "weird" uses for the drink.

1. Goo Remover: Got a price tag, sticker or label that just won't peel off? Bring on the vodka. Simply saturate a sponge (or paper towel) with the strong stuff, apply to the sticker and wait about a minute. The paper (and tacky residue) will come right off.

2. Chrome "shiner": Restore the beauty of chrome fixtures in seconds with this easy trick. Just moisten a soft cloth with vodka, then rub down the fixture. Good as new. (This will also work on porcelain and glass!)

3. Room Deodorizer: Since air fresheners can often leave a room smelling worse, try this no-oder fix. Fill a spritzer bottle with a 1:1 ratio of water to vodka (this is a good time for the cheap stuff) and mist the air. Surprisingly, the room won't smell like a vodka martini.

4. Bouquet Preserver: Bacteria growth can make a pretty bouquet fade fast. To prevent this, add a few drops of vodka every time you change the water. The flowers will stay lovelier longer.

5. Shower Cleaner: The moist, humid environment inside a bathroom can often lead to mold. To clean AND prevent it from happening again, spritz the shower, curtain and all, with vodka. Chemical-free and effective.

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